Board Members

Lake Altoona District

PO Box 92
Altoona, WI 54720



Michele Skinner
Email: [email protected]


Dave Swanson


Mike Berry

Board Member

Patrick Sullivan

Town of Seymour Representative

Michele Skinner

Eau Claire County Board Representative

Joe Knight

The Lake Altoona District Board is responsible for:

  1. Initiating and coordinating research and surveys for the purpose of gathering data on the lake, related shorelands, and the drainage basin. [Sec. 33.29 (1) (a)]
  2. Planning lake protection and rehabilitation projects. [Sec. 33.29 (1) (b)]
  3. Contacting and attempting to secure the cooperation of units of general-purpose government in the area for the purpose of enacting ordinances deemed necessary by the Board to further the objectives of the District. [Sec. 33.29 (1) (c)]
  4. Adopting and carrying out lake protection and rehabilitation plans and obtaining any necessary permits therefore. [Sec. 33.29 (1) (d)]
  5. Maintaining liaison with those officials of state government involved in lake protection and rehabilitation. [Sec. 33.29 (1) (e)]